What's New

Using the Quality Framework for SSE

We have developed some examples of how schools might use Looking at Our School 2016, A Quality Framework for Post-Primary Schools to support their SSE process. These scenario schools move through the steps of the process and explore how the domains and standards, as well as the statements of effective and highly effective practice might be used. They are available here.

SSE Update 10

A new edition of SSE Update has recently been published. This issue examines how schools can connect or indeed reconnect SSE as a whole school process. It also looks at how schools can maintain the focus on literacy and numeracy in this second cycle of SSE. It’s available here.

Revised Checklist for Boards of Management

An updated legislative and regulatory checklist for Boards of Management has been published and is available here.

Boards should complete this checklist as an appendix to their SSE report. It is intended to assist the board of management in carrying out its leadership and management responsibilities and functions, as set out in the Education Act (1998), and within the context of its own school.