What's New

Revised Checklist for Boards of Management

An updated legislative and regulatory checklist for Boards of Management has been published and is available here.

Boards should complete this checklist as an appendix to their SSE report. It is intended to assist the board of management in carrying out its leadership and management responsibilities and functions, as set out in the Education Act (1998), and within the context of its own school.

SSE Update 9

A new edition of SSE Update has recently been published. This issue continues the scenarios of how schools might use Looking at Our School 2016 to help make their SSE process as focused and as manageable as possible. It also contains short articles about making the most of data, using an SSE approach to embed the new resource allocation model and the connection between external evaluation and SSE. Available here.

Advisory Visits

Inspectors are available to provide advisory visits to primary and post-primary schools, to discuss progress with the SSE process and to support the school with the use of Looking at Our School 2016. The inspector will visit the school at an agreed date and time and meet with the principal and other members of the in-school leadership team. The visit will involve an advisory discussion on the school’s SSE process, including how the school can use Looking at Our School 2016 to support the process. Continue reading ‘Advisory Visits’