Gathering Evidence

This section of the website should be used in conjunction with Chapter Five of the SSE Guidelines. This page contains sample resources to support schools as they gather evidence during the investigation phase of their SSE process. A core principle of the SSE process is that it is based on evidence.

Ahead of any evidence collection, schools should clearly define the focus of the evaluation. Looking at Our School 2016 will help schools to use particular standards to focus their evidence collection. It is important not to gather too much evidence or evidence that is not relevant to the focus of the evaluation.

Chapter Five explores the evaluation approaches that a school might take. It identifies the following evaluation tools. Each links to a section with information about the tool and some sample tools that might be used by a school in an evaluation.

Below all of the resources have been organised into three categories, evidence from teachers, students, parents, and other sources. Schools should treat these resources as samples and should adapt them as necessary to reflect their own context and the focus of their evaluation.

Evidence from Teachers and School Leaders

Evidence from Pupils

Evidence from Parents

Evidence from Other Sources

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