Reporting on SSE

This section of the website should be read in conjunction with Chapter Six of the SSE Guidelines.

The School Self-Evaluation Report and School Improvement Plan

The primary focus of self-evaluation should not be on the written work. Nonetheless, schools should complete a concise school self-evaluation report and school improvement plan annually. In phase one of SSE from 2012 – 2016, schools were asked to prepare separate Self-Evaluation Reports and Improvement Plans. However, in phase two schools can now merge these two documents into a single document of no more than three pages.

The self-evaluation report and school improvement plan sets out clearly what needs to be done to further improve the work of the school. The language used should be clear, specific and accessible. The first section is the report and the second section is the improvement plan.

A combined evaluation report and improvement plan template can be downloaded here.

Checklist for the Board of Management

Checklists to assist the school in reviewing whether it is meeting the requirements of relevant legislation and regulation, and whether it has all necessary policies in place, can be provided as appendices to the self-evaluation report and school improvement plan.

A checklist can be downloaded here.

Communicating to the School Community

Schools should provide a summary of their self-evaluation report and the school improvement plan to the whole school community. This single document should be brief, clear and meaningful.

A suggested template for a summary of a school’s self-evaluation report and improvement plan is available for download here.

Some samples SSE reports and Improvement Plans were shared by schools during the first phase of SSE. These samples are still available in Stories from Schools. We hope to be able to add more samples in the coming months.

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