Circulars and Guidelines

SSE Circulars

Circular 0039/2016 issued in June 2016 outlining the requirements for primary schools, in their continuing engagement with school self-evaluation of teaching and learning from 2016 to 2020.

The circular can be downloaded here.

Circular 0016/2018 was published in March 2018. It clarifies how primary schools should re-engage with the SSE process between now and 2020. It amends the numbers of areas of focus that schools are expected to engage in. All other guidance and advice contained in Circular 0039/2016 remains valid. It is available for download here.

SSE Guidelines

The inspectorate has developed revised SSE Guidelines that take account of circular 0039/2016 and the feedback received from schools and the education partners. These guidelines are designed to support primary schools in their engagement with the second phase of school self-evaluation between 2016 and 2020.

The Primary Guidelines can be downloaded here.

Looking at Our School 2016

The Inspectorate has developed a new Quality Framework for Schools. The framework is published in Looking at Our School 2016 A Quality Framework for Primary Schools. It provides a unified and coherent set of standards for two dimensions of the work of schools: teaching and learning and leadership and management. The Quality Framework will inform the work of inspectors as they monitor and  report on the work in schools. The teaching and learning dimension of the Quality framework will support schools as they engage in the school self-evaluation process.

Looking at Our School 2016 A Quality Framework for Primary Schools can be downloaded here.

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